The BNIA has helped me and my wife re-modify our two mortgage loans without asking for fees. The association also helped our friends and family lower their monthly mortgage payments. The staff members are courteous and hardworking. It would be appreciated if this association is financially and morally encouraged in order to continue the good work they are doing for the community.

– Ola and Olubunmi Oyebola, Rockaway Beach NY

My wife and I would like to thank Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association for the services provided. When we were going through such a tough time with our mortgage, they really came to our rescue. The staff members made us feel welcome and were able to smoothly take us through the process to maintain ownership of our home. In such a difficult time, it was a blessing to find people who worked hard to help us have peace of mind. Forever thankful.

– Roberto Oligbo and Janet Babalola,

Words can’t express our gratitude towards Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association Inc. for their involvement in saving our homes for us and our children and for their dedication to duty, advice, counselling and utmost professionalism. BNIA assisted my husband and I in the successful re-modification of our three properties to the fullest extent and might I add, without charge. They were caring, kind and sensitive to our case and needs. I emphatically state that BNIA is a great influence and asset to the community.

– Thanh Le

I wish to commend the exemplary performance of the staff of BNIA during my loan modification process. The staff was relentless in their efforts to assist in every possible way necessary for the task at hand. I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication applied to my case especially because it was done without charge for services provided. I could not have managed my situation without the services provided by BNIA with sincerity and a thankful heart.

– Remi Odebunmi, Staten Island NY

The staff at BNIA helped me with my modification and I am proud to say my house is officially mine. The most important thing is that I walked into their office with sorrow and a scrambled mind but after all, stepped out with joy. The staff is exceptional and excellent at the job they do for the community. They are accommodative and patient when it comes to hearing a problem and finding a solution. Everything turned out great; BNIA saved my home and put a smile on my face.

– Richard Royston, Brooklyn NY

The staffs have such passion for their job and do it with such professionalism. I am truly fortunate to be a client of this office. It is because of their knowledge and experience in what they do, they offer clients like me excellent service. I will always refer them; their love for the neighborhood stands out.

– Sonia LettBhola, Brooklyn NY

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and express my gratitude to the personnel at BNIA. All questions were answered and explained professionally. They were in constant contact with us and the mortgage company on a daily basis. There were definitely true blessings. Based on my experience, I believe they will be a great influence and help towards the community and many others going through similar situations. It’s because of BNIA that our home was saved; we have an affordable mortgage and are at peace.

– Vickey Delvalle

Thank you Mr. Cole and the staff of BNIA so much for all the help and understanding in helping me with my home loan modification. I don’t know what I would have done without all of you. I am happy that my trial payment is over and that my permanent loan modification is in place now. How grateful I am that I’m getting my life back, and to think BNIA did not charge one penny for the service. I will send people your way.

– Sonia Gordon, Brooklyn NY

About 3 years ago, I almost lost my home. I was devastated because I had gone to NICA 3 times in different states but they were unable to help. Then a friend introduced me to BNIA. In less than 2 months, my mortgage was modified and my interest rate was reduced from 8% to 2%. BNIA also counselled me on how to keep my home with timely payments. BNIA has helped several people I referred to them from my community and church. BNIA is a great help to the community and I wish the government would increase their funding to enable serve the community better.

– Bunmi Murdock, Queens NY

I am writing to express my gratitude for your hard work, guidance and perseverance throughout the modification process with JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA. I am immensely grateful for guidance you provided, and I am sure your extensive knowledge of the process contributed in a major way in the successful outcome. If anyone I know falls into the same unfortunate situation that I found myself, I will not hesitate to recommend your services. You saved our home and gave us renewed hope. Eternally grateful.

– Roaxanne Holder-Paul

When I and my two baby girls were informed at PATH (after spending two days there trying to get a place to stay) that I would be placed at a transitional shelter at Brooklyn, I was aggravated, filled with trepidation and had reservations. I was convinced that I would hate it there but it turned out to be a really good experience. It usually takes me a while to get warmed up to people but then I met Ms. Carrington and she was very good to me. It was really nice getting to know her; she made sure that I was on top of things without nagging me. I really appreciate the help and encouragement she gave me. I got another caseworker Ms. Josephine Rivas who worked with me on apartment searches. She brought huge relief to me and having her with me was a big help. When I got discouraged she would say things like, “Don’t worry, you got this. There are several other places to check.”
The rest of the staff members at Kianga House were really nice and pleasant to be around. Even when I had a bad attitude and didn’t want to be bothered, a simple greeting or comment from the staff would change my mood. I am very glad I was placed at Kianga House. I found an apartment with their help and they are all greatly appreciated by us.

– Sharday, Ziniyah, and Zarriyah Johnson

I am extremely happy to share my experience and endorse Kianga House. Kianga House always holds a special place in my heart. I resided there for approximately 9 months prior to securing permanent housing. The staff was very respectful and helpful in teaching me life skills I needed to survive on my own. In 1991, I was introduced to Marilyn Reid, a mentor from Jack and Jill of America, who was instrumental in helping me to grow as a professional and to become the person that I am today. In the twenty four years since my departure, I have always been interested in helping others live with circumstances beyond their control. I attribute that passion to returning the kindness and guidance that I received as a teen in need to Kianga House. I relinquished my section 8 certificate in 2003 prior to leaving grad school. Today, I hold a Masters degree in Public Administration and I am a home owner. The system really worked for me.

– M. Lamothe, MPA

When I came to Kianga House in 1995 as a 19 year old single mother struggling trying to find stability, a home and hope for me and my daughter. Kianga House gave me hope and optimism to begin again. The staff helped me prepare for my future. At the time, there was a daycare on premises which gave me the opportunity to go to school. They provided several services to me including housing, counseling, and family planning. It became my home and family for 7 months. Kianga house is a foundation that played a major part in my life. They taught me how to live again and gave me hope for a greater future for me and my daughter. I am forever grateful for that.

– Todji Banks

I want to thank God for directing me and my child Courtney to Kianga House. Being there has made me content, flexible and humble. The staff was 100% outstanding. The overall experience was a blessing in disguise. I am thankful for the structure and discipline I encountered and I will be back to offer any help I can to Kianga House. Love you all.

– Wanda Frazier and Courtney Lashley

Most children have aspirations for greatness. They want to be successful and change the world. However, life gets in the way and those dreams get side tracked. This was exactly what happened to me. Instead of being successful and changing the world, in 1991 I found myself pregnant and living with a very abusive family member, sleeping with a knife under my pillow in fear that I would be killed in my sleep. Not knowing where to go or what to do, I confided in the social worker at the clinic where I was receiving prenatal care. She encouraged me to seek help in the shelter system. I thought she was crazy and thought to myself that it was better to live with the devil I knew. After a few weeks, my situation got worse and so I decided to look into my options.
One morning, I called Kianga House and explained my situation to the woman who answered the phone. She told me to come into the office with supporting documents. When I arrived, I was astonished because the set-up was unlike anything I had ever seen. The building was clean, quiet and peaceful. I immediately had a sense of relief. My intake forms were processed and I officially became a resident.
Kianga was a refuge. I did not worry about being assaulted, injured, or killed. Everyone in the building was committed to the success of the residents. The classes, sessions and assistance that were available gave me tools I needed to be confident and to establish myself as an adult capable of maintaining a household. I found a personal confidant and cheerleader in Ms. Lorna; I wouldn’t have made it through without her wisdom and support. Kianga House transformed me from a scared young woman unsure of herself into a confident professional who is making her mark in this world. I am currently employed with the Borough of Manhattan as a Director of Health Sciences, a position I have help for nearly 10 years. Additionally, I am enrolled in the Doctorate of Nursing program at Rutgers University class of 2018. Without Kianga House and the wonderful caring staff, I would not be here today.

– Penelope S. Jordan, RN BSN and future DNP

There comes a time in one's life where you can precisely recall a pivotal moment that have contributed to the development or shaping of your life; for me this was the 6-7 months residency I had at Kianga House back in 1991. The number 1504 is symbolic to me as it has been very instrumental, and has played a significant role throughout my life; it was at 1504 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, my life changed forever. From the moment I stepped through the green towering doors, I felt the welcoming arms of a safe haven that was not only there to safeguard and protect me, but to prepare me with life skills. Back then, I thought it was just to rent an apartment, but in reality it was about becoming prepared to be a home owner and taking care of my home.
Kianga House provided me with a warm and comfortable shelter when there was nowhere for me to turn to. I was 19 years old with my daughter when I applied for residency, and the staff at Kianga House took a chance in admitting me. The eligibility requirements then were to house a mother and her single child but I was a mother with an 11 month-old child and 2 months pregnant with my unborn child. Nevertheless, they extended their support to me. At Kianga House the services were bountiful; from the often-invited guest speakers, whose topics ranged from alcoholism and domestic abuse to proper parental care, or the in-house childcare provided for residents so they can attend school or work, or the weekly psychologists who were available to listen to you. Kianga House absolutely contributed to the development of the ``whole'' woman, by ensuring that the necessary resources were available to its residents.

– Tricia Mayhew-Noel, M.S, CIP (COO, The Plumber's Shop LLC)